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CSU Success Story

The student initially obtained a visa to study Master of Information Technology from Swinburne University and after 1st semester he moved to Charles Sturt University, Melbourne campus because of competitive fee CSU offers and the flexibility to take up honestly some part-time work too.

He graduated in 2018 October and then applied for a job on GUMTREE portal and then got an opportunity to work for a company called BASE as a Telecom Technician and he was paid AUD 100 per day which is ofcourse less but he was looking at gaining experience and networking with people in the industry like VODAFONE and OPTUS because they were the clients of BASE and he was working for them. After one year of working with BASE, they started paying him AUD 40 per hour and that is a great feeling of ecstasy for the student because he was making BIG money and also gained one year of experience in a 5G project that is being rolled out across Australia.

He then applied for jobs and now got an offer letter from a company called CYIENT Melbourne and the client is Telstra (Telstra is a world-leader in 5G. Ericsson and Telstra partnered early on to pioneer 5G technology in Australia) as a SITE Supervisor and he is paid an annual salary of AUD 75000 per annum. Attached is the 1st and 2nd page of the offer letter for your reference team.

He has even applied for Victoria State Nomination 2.5 months back and he has got his skills assessed by Engineers Australia as a Telecommunication Engineer (263311) and waiting for the nomination request from the Victorian Government. The student is finally happy and all his hard work, juggling between studies, part-times & assignments, extreme pressure on mind and the sleepless nights finally paid off and he lived his and experienced transformation in Australia and he is a more confident himself now.