I have 4 students who called me today and enquired about study in Germany and their pressing question was - How are the job opportunities in Germany? To my surprise few of them say - are there any opportunities for international students in Germany?
Folks - you got to think this way

1) Germany is one of the world's top 10 largest economies
2) It is the largest national economy in Europe and high-income economy
3) Its main industries are Electronics, Automobiles, Iron, Steel, Coal, Cement, Machinery, Vehicles, Shipbuilding, Textiles,Food & Beverages
4) German expertise in engineering, science and research is eminently respectable.
5) 3.1% is the unemployment rate in Germany in September'19

Why and what them makes you develop a concern for jobs after graduating from a university in Germany. Question yourself, am I sufficiently prepared to make this leap which demands a whole change in the thought process and huge transformation to raise the professional profile to match the expectations of employers in Germany.
German economy and the employers are culturally very different from India folks

1) They place more emphasis on skills than your qualification
2) You got to demonstrate that you are culturally fit more than best hire for the job advertised (which includes many factors like local experience, German language proficiency and etc)
3) Networking and local references and even part-time work experience would help sometimes
4) Got to be independent, creative thinker, agile, proactive and alike
5) Got to have a resume that aligns with the German market and should practice the skill of how to ace an interview
6) Cultural alignment is the key to succeed overseas folks.
Every overseas market is culturally different from ours folks and you got to have steel nerves and muscles to bear with the stress and pressure and meticulous planning and clinical precision execution to land in your first professional job abroad.

Today is a BIG DAY for everyone on my team both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Yes, you read that right. It is a BIG DAY, because on today 4 years back the IVY Overseas, S R Nagar was born - 16th December 2015 and we are celebrating 4 years today which has taught my team and myself many things that groomed us both professionally and personally and as a result of which we are definitely leading a better life today that what we were 4 years back.

Nothing could be an occasion better than this today to reflect on how far we have come and who have helped us in this journey thus far and made this possible and even cherishable. Congratulations everyone on this very big occasion and it has been a very wonderful journey the past 4 years and I sincerely with the best for everyone of us in the coming years. Everyone of you with collective effort and spirit as a team, taken us to a whole new height all these years and let us make this day a BIG ONE for each one of us.

Not to mention and forget the love, affection and best wishes from all the students, friends, agents and delegates of various institutions in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Singapore and Germany and anyone else who ever referred IVY Overseas to their friend, family, near and dear for process. I take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being so kind, adorable, warm, lovely and special all the time gifting us the opportunities to to be of service to you, delivering to your expectations and in the process helping ourselves grow in professional and personal life too.

I promise you on this BIG DAY of ours that we will continue to introspect our services, advice and information shared across the table with every student in all our offices, systems and processes and last but not the least everything we do as a team to deliver a delightful experience to every students everytime because CUSTOMER IS GOD. And I assure you (every student and parent), that I will work relentlessly the next 365 days to redefine our relationship and take the service and experience delivered to a whole new level, that you treasure and cherish!

Thank you once again everyone who contributed to our growth in BIG or SMALL way and your support and love means a lot to us truly. I will wait for another a year for the opportunity to thank you again. Till then keep showering your love, affection, warmth and wishes on IVY Overseas and bless us with more and more opportunities to be of service to you. LOVE YOU ALL, folks!

Mr Borris won the elections by securing 365 of the 650 seats in the House of Parliament, well ahead of Labour's 203 seats. That gives Johnson a comfortable majority in the House of Commons and paves the way for Brexit to take place at the end of January.
I am sure good news in store for international students and agents coming April. We pray for good news for every stakeholder involved in this industry. Best wishes Boris Johnson.

UK announces 2-year post-study work visa for international students
In a major boost for Indian students, the UK government has today announced a new two-year post-study work visa, expanding opportunities for talented international students to build successful careers in the UK.

The new ‘Graduate’ route will be open to all international students – including those from India – who have valid UK immigration status as a student and have successfully completed a course of study in any subject at undergraduate level or above at an approved UK Higher Education Provider. The visa will allow eligible students to work, or look for work, in any career or position of their choice, for two years after completing their studies. This builds on UK government action to help recruit and retain the best and brightest global talent, as well as opening up opportunities for future breakthroughs in science, technology and research and other world-leading work that international talent brings to the UK. Home Secretary Priti Patel said: The new Graduate Route will mean talented international students, whether in science and maths or technology and engineering, can study in the UK and then gain valuable work experience as they go on to build successful careers. It demonstrates our global outlook and will ensure that we continue to attract the best and brightest. Sir Dominic Asquith, British High Commissioner to India, said: This is fantastic news for Indian students, who will now be able to spend more time in the UK after completing their degree, allowing them to gain further skills and experience. The UK is home to some of the best higher education institutions in the world and continues to welcome international students. I’m delighted that numbers of Indian students coming to study in the UK are constantly increasing, having doubled over the last three years. Last year alone we saw a massive 42% increase. This exciting announcement will help ensure that the UK remains one of the best destinations for students across the world. The UK welcomes genuine students from India and the rest of the world for the positive contribution they make to the UK. Indian student numbers have significantly increased over the last three years, reaching almost 22,000 in the year ending June 2019. This was a 42% increase on the previous year – and almost 100% higher than three years ago. In addition, 96% of all Indians who apply for a UK visa are successful – meaning the vast majority of those who wish to come to the UK are able to do so. This announcement follows the creation of a new fast-track visa route for scientists and the removal of the limit on PHD students moving into the skilled work visa route, which collectively aim to cement the UK as a science superpower and a world-leader in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector. Almost half of all Indian students (almost 130,000 since 2008/9) heading to UK in the last ten years chose a STEM subject. Further information Often referred to as a ‘Post-Study Work visa’ in India, the new Graduate route will launch for the 2020/21 intake of students to university. After the two years, they will be able to switch onto the skilled work visa if they find a job which meets the skill requirement of the route. Further details will be announced in due course. The visa will offer opportunities to work or look for work after graduating. However, unlike the route which closed in 2012, this new route will also include safeguards to ensure only genuine, credible students are eligible. The status of each higher education institution will be shown in the register of licenced sponsors, which is publicly available on the GOV.UK website. This follows a shake-up of immigration rules announced by the Prime Minister in August to encourage the world’s top scientists to move to the UK. The UK has seen a strong increase in Indian student numbers in recent years. The latest available statistics are on the Home Office website. Specifically, in the year ending June 2019: Almost 22,000 student visas were granted to Indian nationals – a 42% increase on the previous year and almost 100% higher than the year ending June 2016. In addition, over 500,000 visit visas were granted to Indian nationals – more than 1 in 5 of all visit visas. More than 56,000 Indians received skilled work visas – a 5% increase compared to the previous year, which is also the largest increase for any country.

Extra year of post-study work rights for international students in regional Australia
Extra options for international graduates from regional institutions

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a new initiative for an additional Temporary Graduate visa with an extra year of post-study work rights for international students who: Graduate from the regional campus of a registered university or institution with a higher education or postgraduate qualification; and Maintain ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa The second Temporary Graduate visa will require ongoing residence in a regional area. The definition of regional Australia for this purpose will be the same as the definition for skilled migration – all of Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Students would need to graduate from a regional campus and then spend at least two years residing in a regional area to qualify. The additional Temporary Graduate visa will be officially implemented in November 2019 and be available to the first eligible graduates from 2021. Existing Temporary Graduate visa holders may be eligible, provided they can meet these requirements. There is no change to Student visa arrangements. This initiative simply provides an additional incentive for international students to study and live in regional Australia. Source: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/regional-migration

Staying to work after study

You can apply for a visa to work in New Zealand for up to 3 years after you finish your study if you have an acceptable qualification.
A Post-study work visa lasts for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the level of your qualification and where you studied. From the end of November 2018, it replaces 2 previous visas:
Post Study Work Visa (open) Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted).